Curbside starting Monday May 4th! Feel free to call us and we’ll get you set up. (507) 258-6501
Temporary new hours are: noon till 6pm 7 days a week!

Ask Us about arcade weekly rentals!

Welcome to The Machine Shed of Rochester Minnesota. We are your local arcade full of classic arcade games.

We charge a one time fee to play all day! Plus we have so many arcade games you will want to come back again and again!

Play All Day – 13 OR ABOVE – $10 | 8 TO 12 – $5 | 7 OR BELOW IS FREE!(with paid 13 or above companion)

We’re like that arcade that you hung out at during high school, only better. At the Machine Shed we don’t use quarters or tokens, just pay a one-time fee and play all our games, all day.

On the floor you’ll find the classics and our all-in-one cabinets that house hundreds of games. Find a new favorite or beat that game that has been plaguing your childhood!

Find out why The Machine Shed is Rochester Minnesota’s favorite local arcade. We truly are bringing back that classic arcade style that was a favorite of yours growing up, and will be a favorite for your children and their friends.

Looking to host a party or event? The Machine Shed has you covered with great games, food and a party area. This is a great place for a child’s birthday or a business social event or any other party.

Plenty of arcade racing for the whole family. Plus a truck driving game.

Plus we buy and sell vintage video games and consoles. Everything from Atari, The Original Nintendo, Super Nintendo, PlayStation 2, Xbox Original, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Sega DreamCast and so much more. Our stock changes often so stop in and see if we have your favorite classic video game or system.

Is your video game console having issues? We do game console repairs. We can even repair your new consoles like the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Bring your console in and let’s see why it isn’t running like it should. We can also repair controllers and we also have refurbished and used controllers and other accessories for sale. We also repair computers and other electronics.

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